Stephanie Schaeffer, Sales Representative

7 Steps to SOLD

7 Steps to Sold - Luxe Home Team
  1. ROOM-BY-ROOM REVIEW Have you ever wondered what your home is worth…or what it could be worth? The LUXE HOME TEAM shares their wealth of experience as full-time professional house flippers and home stagers, to guide you and showcase the value of each room in your home…giving you a room-by-room playbook on what your home is currently worth to what it COULD be worth, increasing its selling potential with even a few small improvements. This is all part of our in-home strategy session where we offer this room-by-room review.
  2. PIN-POINT ANALYSIS One of the biggest challenges in listing a home in this competitive market is figuring out where to strategically price your home. You need to seriously consider recent comparable home sales, the overall condition of your home, and what other similar properties are currently listed at to be able to clearly see how your home stacks up against the competition. This is something we are happy to discuss with you! It’s a very objective process but pricing your home accurately can make a huge difference. How you price your home is one of the most important steps of the home listing process. We’ll help you find your pin-point-price analysis in our home strategy session.
  3. FREE HOME STAGING ($2500-$5000 VALUE) You’ve only got ONE chance to make a first impression, so let’s make it count! Preparing and staging a home is still some of the biggest improvements you can make when listing your home. It’s a service we provide to every client, for every listing, for FREE! Why? We know it flat out works! This is one of the crucial steps in our system and it’s geared to make your home stand out and ensure it looks amazing in photos, video, print and every piece of marketing material we create. How your home is staged is a GAME CHANGER! We share examples and show you what to do in our home strategy session.
  4. LUXURY LEVEL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO You’ve worked hard and so have we to make your home look better than it probably has in years. In fact, we’ve had clients question why they even decided to sell in the first place once their home looks like it’s ready for a magazine photo shoot! So now it’s time to capture your home at its finest in stunning professional photographs and video, to show it off both online and in print media. Your home must make an amazing first impression, stand out from the crowd and pique your buyer’s interest!
  5. FULLY CUSTOMIZED SINGLE PROPERTY WEBSITE & CUSTOM ADDRESS URL Now it’s time to give your home an address on the internet, with a fully customized website and domain name to match your home address. It’s the perfect way for people to find your home online and we use your website address to promote your home on social media, print media, and all across the internet. On your custom website, we post all of your professional pictures and beautifully shot video, provide you with a full and storied description, a link to the MLS Data Sheet, and a map to help prospective buyers find your home. 95% of searches for a home begin online, and now you’ll have a place for your property to call home on the net.
  6. PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING & ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES Social media continues to be one of our most powerful tools to help promote your home online, as there are literally millions of people on their phones at any given time, checking social media and sharing property listings. We’ve seen first-hand the power of social media and we not only place your home on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but we also use the power of paid promotions to help get your home seen by thousands of potential buyers. We promote your single property website as well as other digital strategies, like retargeting, to increase your home’s viewings, and syndicate it out to thousands of websites throughout Ontario, Canada and abroad.
  7. TORONTO & GTA EXPOSURE Every year, almost 300,000 people immigrate into Canada, with almost 80,000 of those people to Ontario…and the majority of them to Toronto. Do you think they need a place to live? Of course they do!! Your home is located in one of the best places to live in the province. The Niagara Region is an exceptional place to call home for those looking to sell or move away from the GTA, and we know just how to attract them to your home and convert them into buyers. Each and every one of our properties gets listed on the Toronto Real Estate Board MLS with absolutely no extra cost to you.
  8. BONUS: 3D VIRTUAL PROPERTY TOUR! During these unprecedented times of quarantines, lock-downs, and social distancing, we understand that you’d feel uncomfortable and frankly, unsafe, with strangers touring your home in a typical series of open houses. Instead, we are able to showcase your home directly to the safety and comfort of prospective buyer’s computer devices or phones with our 3D Matterport Virtual Tours. Your home will take a starring role as interested parties tour each professionally staged, magazine-worthy room from the comfort of their own couches!

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